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Welcome to Simone Band!

We’re glad you found us! We have entertained the Northeast for over a decade and have gained a large audience of raving fans and very happy clients. We started as a small six-piece ensemble, but quickly grew into multiple live bands—each with their own lineup and specific repertoire. High energy dance bands for wedding receptions. Smaller, intimate duos, trios, or quartets for wedding ceremonies and church masses. Solo instrumentalists for cocktail hours. We do it all!

At Simone Band, our primary focus is you. We understand that your wedding day is the most important day of your lives. We're here to make sure that you, your families, and all your guests have an unforgettable night! We want to know what's unique about you, what music you love, and which Polish cultural traditions you wish to honor at your wedding. Whether you moved from Poland to America at some point in your life or you're marrying someone of an American nationality, we can bring both cultures together during this once in a lifetime event. When you reach out to us, we can walk you through all of your options: 

  • What music do you want played during your wedding ceremony?

  • How about at your cocktail hour? A guitarist? Maybe a violinist?

  • Are you planning on implementing any cultural traditions? 

  • How big of a band would you like rocking out on stage during your reception? 

These are only examples, but you are the one who decides on the details and designs your package.


All of our singers and musicians are very talented, accomplished, and extremely professional performers with years of experience. We have extensive Polish and American song lists as well as bilingual DJs/M.C.s to ensure that we can announce and perform in both languages.

Please don’t hesitate to email, text, or call! You’re only one step away to making your DREAM WEDDING come true!


We look forward to hearing from you!

















Magdalena Baldych


Magdalena Baldych

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