Our live Polish-American bands will take you and your guests on a musical journey! Wedding parties are unlike any other parties, because you are most likely to invite a variety of guests from all walks of life, and we want to make all of them happy!


From Ciocia, Babcia and Wujek who traveled all the way from Poland just for your wedding, to your co-workers and college friends who might not speak Polish or know anything about our Polish culture, you won't have to worry!


Our bands have bilingual MCs who will be making introductions and all announcements in both languages so that everyone understands what’s going on and doesn’t feel left out.

OUR BANDS play anything from Disco-polo, Polish-pop and Polish-Rock songs, to classic American wedding songs to the Top 40 hits you hear on the radio today. You can be sure that at some point during the reception, each one of your guests will hear the music that they love.

During your consultation, we'll let you take the wheel and guide us to your preferred ratio of polish to American songs. Do you prefer Disco-polo or Goralskie? Motown or Disco? Hip-hop and R&B? We have several different line-ups (entirely separate bands) for you to choose from...

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