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Over the years we've had the privilege to perform at amazing venues in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. We've provided the music, the energy, and, most importantly, the fun for thousands of guests. Please take a look at the videos below to see some of the weddings we were a part of.

Although a videographer’s main focus is always the bride and groom (and their guests), you can catch glimpses of us performing on stage or entertaining on the dance floor. Amazing venues, breathtaking views, lavish décor, but most importantly packed dance floors with happy guests and unforgettable moments!

Don’t hesitate to ask us about some of the features and details that you see here and
how we can be sure to include them at your event as well.



Jessica and Pawel wed in a Catholic ceremony at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Brooklyn, a place near to Jessica's heart as she received all her previous sacraments and attended mass there throughout her childhood. She had a simple yet beautful Mass in Polish and hired our guitarist/vocalist Magda as well as a violinist to perform beautiful acoustic versions of Polish church songs. Surrounded by their loved ones, they said their long-awaited "I-Do's" before heading to Manhattan to celebrate.

Their reception took place at Guastavino's in New York City, a hidden gem under the Queensboro Bridge that features incredibly ornate arched ceilings. The first time the couple saw the venue in person, they knew immediately it would be where their family and friends would celebrate their marriage.

For their First Dance, the newlyweds surpirsed their guests with an unexpected, custom piano-only rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" where a driving dance beat picked up mid-song, at which point everyone was invited to join the couple on the dance floor. The First Dance was arranged by our amazing bandleader, Blake. The bride told us that she still gets chills thinking back to that moment.

Guests dined on filet mignon and red snapper before dancing all night to a 12-piece live band that played both Top 40 American hits as well as classic Polish and Disco Polo songs that kept the dance floor packed at all times.



Natalie and Dan knew from the very beginning what kind of wedding party they want and they were very specific about music. For the church mass, they incorporated their favorite Christina Perri tune “A Thousand Years” for the Bride’s walk down the Isle, which we performed acoustically with only guitar and violin.


The Mass was conducted in English, and so Natalie decided to incorporate two polish church songs into the Mass. For flower presentation the organist and violinist performed “Ave Maria” and for recession, “Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi, perfect for their perfect Spring Wedding.

For the reception, Natalie and Dan curated a custom playlist for the band, including popular '90s dance hits, such as “Rhythm of the Night,” “What Is Love,” “Good Vibrations” as well as the hits of Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Ace of Base, to name a few. It was super important for the band to not skip any of the carefully picked songs since the newlyweds were gifting all of their guests a CD with 20 tunes performed at the reception!


Now the guests can revisit and relive their wedding day! The dance floor at the magnificent Bourne Mansion was packed all night, both Natalie and Dan jumped on stage a couple of times. Lastly, the Groom closed the night by grabbing the mic and performing an impromptu rendtion  “Gangster’s Paradise” with the band and brought the house down! Epic wedding!



The moment Anette initially called us, we at Simone felt an incredible connection to her! She had a huge vision and knew exactly what she wanted to do for her guests. She was definitely thinking "big" and said she wanted to go "all out." Choosing the largest package and an eight-piece band was a no-brainer to her. She also decided to go BIG at the church--five musicians  performing classical tunes during her wedding mass, two violinists, a guitarist, an organist, a trumpet player and TWO vocalists!

The venue looked breathtaking, thanks to her own design ideas, and the dance floor was packed ALL NIGHT LONG by nearly 300 wedding guests! Anette and Peter's experience with Simone Band was so impactful and memorable that we were lucky to play at Anette's sister, Sylvia's, wedding following year Now that's a glowing review!



Go Big or Go Home! Ania and Dean, two high school sweethearts, had gathered over 300 guest sat a breathtaking New York City Upper East Side Landmark, Guastavino’s. First off, we started the ceremony with our string quartet playing “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” during the Bridesmaids’ walk down the aisle. The Bride chose “All Of Me” by John Legend as a tune to walk down the aisle herself, which was performed beautifully by the quartet! After the Bride and Groom exchanged their vows and the ceremony finished, we suggested a cajon player be added to the quartet to make it sound more fun and upbeat! The quartet played “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

The cocktail hour saw the guests move downstairs where our string quartet continued to play. For the cocktail hour they played instrumental versions of some of the favorite and fun pop tunes, setting a great tone and atmosphere for the guests chatting, enjoying amazing food and beautifully crafted cocktails. For the reception, our 12-piece band played a mix of polish and American hits, and we even joined forces with some Armenian singers who performed some traditional tunes to honor the groom’s heritage.



Winter wonderland! Natalie gave me a call after her friend, and our biggest fan, Tomek, made her reach out to us.


Neither Natalie or  Zibby had ever seen us live and took a huge leap of faith by hiring our band. They chose the Crystal Tea Room for their reception, In the historic Wanamaker building in Center City; the largest banquet hall in Philadelphia.

Filled with over 300 guests, we played music non stop for the 4-hour reception and the dance floor was full! We mixed the best polish and American hits and the night ended with the bride and groom joining us on stage.



Paulina and Slawek met with us in Midtown, Manhattan on a cold winter's day to talk about their upcoming September wedding. Both the Bride and Groom had Polish parents and families, but each had made lots of American friends in college and at work. We spoke about how the band would lead the reception, make announcements, and perform at their event so that everyone felt included and happy. The Wedding Mass took place at a church in Queens, Paulina’s parish, and the cocktail hour and reception took place at the breathtaking Oheka Castle, known for hosting many of the celebrity weddings.

For the cocktail hour, the couple opted for a duo of cello and viola, who beautifully performed classical music of Bach, Beethoven, Pachelbel, to name a few. They definitely created a great vibe and atmosphere and impressed the guests, especially Paulina’s mom! For the reception, the Bride and Groom decided to incorporate the Polish tradition of bread, salt and vodka blessing and then the band took off! The dance floor was packed throughout the entire reception as we mixed Polish songs with American hits. Everyone from Polish family to American friends were on the floor, dancing, singing along and having the best time of their lives. An unforgettable couple and an unforgettable night!



Sylwia and Pawel are two of the sweetest people we have ever met! The couple were looking to have a traditional Polish wedding and Polish reception for their mostly-Polish guests. We met at least three or four times in person to hammer out the details about their wedding ceremony, the music selection, and anything else they wanted. They really wanted to include as many Polish traditions as possible.

First, early in the morning of their big day, before they took off for the church, they had our accordion player, Lukas, and vocalist, Adrian, come to their houses for traditional Polish blessing. The duo played some popular polish folk songs “przyspiewki” entertaining the parents and bridal party followed by the hymn. Then came the church, where Alicja (violinist) and Magda performed.

We have to say that when we saw Sylwia walking down the aisle, we were barely able to keep the tears from our eyes! When it was time for the reception, the band, featuring Ania and Adrian as lead singers, kept the crowd dancing all night, performing mostly Polish songs. It was a perfect Polish Wedding in America.



Jessica had initially booked another Polish band for her wedding, but a few months later, she and her fiancé, Matt, happened to be guests at a wedding where we were playing.


We received a phone call very early the next day:  it was Mr. Perkowski, Jessica’s father, calling to tell us that his daughter wanted to cancel the other band because she absolutely HAD TO HAVE US at her wedding. We still smile when we think of that phone call!

Mr. Perkowski spoke with us about the music details and truly surprised us! We had assumed that, as a Polish man, he would favor more traditional Polish music, but to our surprise, he wanted

mostly American hits!

About a month before the wedding, Jessica and Matt welcomed us into their lovely Brooklyn home, and together, along with their parents, we finalized all the details. In the end, the bride and groom chose our largest line up, featuring three American singers and two Polish singers, opting for a more American music program.


For the church mass, they chose our string quartet featuring a vocalist, and we performed during the entire mass. The cocktail hour found our string quartet playing a mix of pop songs in fun arrangements. Finally, during the reception, the guests hit the dance floor and partied to the hits of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, and Stevie Wonder, to name a few! The last hour of the reception was entirely dedicated to Polish hits, and our Polish superstar performer, ADAM CHROLA, kept the crowd on their feet until the end of the night.

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