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Robin Andre is a Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter, performer and recording artist. He was signed to RCA records for his debut album "Paper Bag" and has recorded, performed and toured in 32 different countries world-wide with multi-platinum artists such as The Dave Matthews Band, The Fugees, Mariah Carey, Lil Flip, Peter Gunz and Inaya Day. His solo work is a tight blend of rock, hip-hop and reggae sensibility. Robin Andre, a natural entertainer, has also starred in off-broadway musical theater productions, and worked as a commercial actor and professional dancer.

He writes, performs and tours solo as well as in the duo "The Robin and the Lady Poet" and also can be seen performing live every week in his hometown with iconic bands at clubs such as The Village Underground, Cafe Wha, Club Groove and Le Poisson Rouge (for the I Love The 90s Show, with The Fresh Kids of Bel Air.)

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