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What our Brides should expect during our first inquiry appointment or call

When hiring entertainment vendor, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful and memorable experience. Here is some useful information we provide to a bride during looking to hire us during our calls or in-person appointments :

1. Budget: We Ask the bride to determine her budget for entertainment. This will help narrow down the options. We have variety of packages starting at Dj/Mc all the way to a live 12-piece band, so we can insure the bride will get great entertainment within her budget.

2. Music Style and Preferences: We will Discuss the bride's musical preferences and the overall theme or atmosphere she wants to create at her wedding. Understanding the desired music style (e.g., jazz, pop, rock, classical) will help in suggesting line ups that aligns with her vision.

3. Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception, Afterparty- We discuss which of those the Bride needs and wants live music for, and line out all the options to chose from. From a solo musician for ceremony or cocktail, through trios or quartets, from a singe DJ to a full live band, we are sure you will find a package that fits you!

4. Experience and Professionalism: We share the band's experience performing at weddings and events. We can provide references to check online reviews that ensure our proven track record, experience, professionalism, and that we are capable of providing high-quality entertainment.

5. Repertoire: We Discuss the band's repertoire and our ability to play a diverse range of music that caters to different age groups and tastes. We are a versatile band that can accommodate various genres and play both background music and dance floor favorites. We also have a huge niche, as we have Polish, Spanish and Italian Speaking and Singing Artists and experienced Polish-American DJs and bilingual MC.

6. Equipment and Technical Requirements: We will speak about the band's equipment, such as sound systems, lighting, and any additional technical requirements the clients or venues may have.

7. Performance Duration and Breaks: We will speak about timelines, event production and how music will fit with the overall planning of your event. We will Discuss the schedule and logistics to ensure the band will align with the wedding timeline.

8. Contract and Insurance: We go over our written contracts and liability insurance.

Please reach out to us to set up your call.

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