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Jessica & Pawel

The newlyweds surprised their guests with an unexpected first dance to a custom rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" where the beat picked up mid-song and everyone was invited to join in on the dance floor - I still get chills thinking back to that moment.


Gabriela & Michal

I was skeptical about having a live band over a DJ but I'm so glad that we went with Simone Band. Magda was amazing to work with and put all my worries at ease understanding our unique needs, meeting with us in person and by phone about 4 times before the wedding.

Ania & Jarek

My husband and I had the best time! Magda conducted a thorough interview prior to our big day and everything went exactly the way we planned! Our guests danced away to great variety of music the band prepared for us! We can't imagine our wedding without Simone Band being a part of it!

Rachel & Greg

Amazing Polish/American band! Their voices are amazing and will be sure to bring the whole wedding on the dance floor. Magda is an amazing person as well, and is extremely friendly and professional. The band can sing practically any song you'd like in English or Polish. She will make sure that your wedding is the one of your dreams. We had a string quartet from the band as well, and it was amazing. They were such a hit!

Angelica & Radek

Of all the things you spend money on for your wedding, nothing is more worth it than having Simone Band play. A lot of my family members don't dance....they did at my wedding. In fact everyone was dancing and having such a great time, we forgot to take pictures with extended family and friends. They're super professional, have amazing experience and are worth every penny. They made my wedding ...... Thank you!

Aldona & David

Magdalena performed during my wedding ceremony and did a great job. She's a talented singer, but beyond that I really appreciated her "customer service" skills. She's was a pleasure to deal with, professional and communicative.

Ania & Maciej

My husband and I had an excellent experience with Simone Band. Magda is very professional and a great to work with. Great music selection and they know how to read and please the crowd. Our guests didn't leave the dance floor the entire evening. We had many, many people tell us after the wedding that they were the best wedding band they have ever seen!

Jennifer & Pawel

Magda, Blake, and the whole band are beyond amazing!!! The best decision we made! Our wedding was such a hit because of this amazing band!!!! We love Simone Band!!!

Ania & Michal

They are the most phenomenal band I've ever heard and they made our wedding day even more perfect! They got everyone up on the dance floor the whole wedding was just perfect! The dance floor was completely packed all night! They played all requested songs, sounded beyond amazing and were so much fun! Fabulous vocals with wonderful instrumental back up. Many guests commented that the Simone Band was the best band they'd ever heard play a wedding. Would highly, highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Julia & Patrick

Thank you to Magda and the band for making my sister Julie's wedding an unforgettable night and great time. As expected, I thought Magda and her band would be awesome and they probably surpassed my expectations. A wedding where the time flies and you wish there were several more hours remaining! Especially if you are Polish, you should not hesitate in booking her and her crew. Well done, and I look forward to crashing a wedding where she will be performing at in the future.

- Ralph Bednarczyk, brother

Ashley & Milosz

Simone Band is the BEST band around! Weddings can be stressful, but one thing I didn’t have to worry about was the entertainment. They played for about 10 hours without skipping a beat and kept the energy up all night! I was little worried because my family is American and the groom’s family is Polish, and I didn’t know if we could find a happy medium. Well I still get compliments and EVERYONE loved the music! Magda was great and spoke in both English and Polish and even explained Polish traditions so no one felt left out. I told Magda that we wanted to play a game with my guests, and she planned the best game that got everyone up and involved. And most importantly, they can sing and perform like no other! Nothing compares to Simone Band and I would recommend them no matter your nationality, age, background because they can do it all!

Marta & Michael

We recently got married and Simone Band performed at our Polish American wedding. Magda was professional from the moment I met her. She took into account that we needed a bilingual performance and made sure we got what we wanted. She addressed my concerns and made our big day one to remember. She even allowed me to perform on the stage with her to my favorite artists songs! We had a ton of fun with the three games we played, which provided a ton of laughs and great moments on camera. Especially ask her about the bike game ! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Marta & Matthew

Magdalena was a pleasure to work with from the start. She took the time to learn details about my husband and myself. She was interested in which songs we wanted played and which ones we didn't. If you are of Polish descent, they also sing in Polish. Come wedding day...WOW! She took charge and was very well organized and prepared. AMAZING performance by Simone Band! All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The dance floor was packed. I highly recommend Simone Band for your wedding or any other special occasion. Dziekujemy!!!!!

Paulina & Slawek

Words do not come close to describing the amount of energy this group has! I mean it when I say that the Simone Band made the day! Magda is incredible, not only does she have an amazing voice she is very well organized and extremely detail oriented. We were looking for a band that could sing live in both Polish and in English along with being able to sing/play church music in Polish. Magda put us at ease by coordinating everything with the church and the venue! She met with us several times before the event in addition to the numerous email and phone conversations. She organized a phenomenal accordion player for the house, an organist and violinist for the church ceremony, a cellist and violinist for cocktail hour and had a well energized, interactive band for the reception. The dance floor was packed from 7:30pm to 1:00am, I do not exaggerate when I say that all of my guests were hoping we could extend the reception. I highly recommend seeing Simone Band live if you get a chance because the videos online do not come close to showing how awesome they sound. A huge thank you to Magda and her team for making our wedding that much more memorable!

Iwona & Marcin

Fantastic, entertaining, fun, professional, incredible, attentive, reliable, friendly, respectful, engaging, talented, and the list goes on! There aren't enough words to describe how amazing this band is! Magdalena created Simone Band from the ground up, with an amazing group of artists. Everyone knows how stressful wedding planning can be, and this band has helped ease the planning process. Magda has been extremely helpful in explaining with great detail the contract and what we can expect during the reception. At the same time she explained to us that unfortunately she will not be able to perform during our reception, because the band has been already booked for another wedding. She then put us in contact with Adrian, another great member of the band. Adrian contacted us and asked us what is important to us during the reception, what we would like, and suggestions (because we don't have any experience planning weddings). We have been provided with a list of both Polish and American songs, full of greatest hits from years ago and the newest songs. We were able to choose and even add which songs we wanted to have performed during our reception, as well as songs that we did not want. After the conversations with these two wonderful people, they took a lot of stress off of our shoulders, and eased any worries we had.

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